Outside Play

Outdoor Play ~ Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS )


Within a nursery environment, one of the most important aspects is for the children to have access to outdoor play and fresh air. Here at Ladybird, we have had specially created gardens which cater to the age range of our children and are fully equipped and secure.

The idea behind outdoor play is that we are able to take the classroom curriculum outside. The garden area allows children to exercise, and gain confidence with their balance and co-ordination. They are able to develop skills in interaction and negotiation and be encouraged to use their imaginations. For example, leaves and twigs can be used in role play context as perhaps a tool or other objects.

Chalk can be used on walls for mark making, and sand/water for small world play and learning about estimation, volume and capacity.

When given the freedom to move, children will flourish, make new relationships, be allowed to take reasonable risks, explore, ask questions and handle wildlife and plants.

We promote organic gardening here at Ladybird. The children have planted potatoes, beans, and herbs from seed and have watched them grow.

There have been all weather spaces created to maximise the children’s access to the outdoors in all weathers.

Communication and Language
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Understanding the World
Physical Development
Expresive Art and Design